Multiflex UK

Professional sports coaches from Multiflex UK Ltd are employed by Egerton in the UK to deliver 50% of the PE curriculum. Mark Webb, the managing director of Multiflex, clearly expressed a strong interest in the partnership very early in its development in 2007.

He visited Kenya with three other coaches in 2008. They were very keen to learn about sport in Kenya and in particular how it is taught in schools. Their initial work was focused with Egerton. They observed lessons, held discussions with students and staff and were extremely impressed by the high standard of performance, especially given the lack of equipment and facilities.

Multiflex provided the school with footballs (average cost in Kenya was £50 at that time) and football strips. Multiflex has visited Kenya every year since this first visit. Great changes have been achieved:

  • Provision of training for Kenyan teachers in coaching specific sports with little or no equipment.
  • Multiflex has supported the Headteachers of the Egerton schools in strengthening the new school partnerships they have created between schools in Cheshire and in Njoro. They have delivered sports coaching in these schools with students and teachers.
  • In 2009 Mark Webb launched the ‘UK/Kenyan Sports Festival’. This would involve 9 global school partnerships. A sports festival is held twice every 2 years, once in Kenya and again in the UK. The children from partner schools compete and earn points for their partnership. The points from both festivals are added together and the overall Global School Partnership is awarded a winning trophy.multiflex_logo