Our last day in Kenya

We walked to school this morning with great anticipation! It was a beautiful day and as we got closer to school we could hear the buzz of excitement from the children. They were all coming out on to the school field for our farewell assembly. Some were carrying chairs on the heads for the staff, governors and visitors!

We gathered in the hot sunshine at 9am and the dancing and singing began! The school choir welcomed us and within minutes we were invited to join them and danced for the next few minutes! The rest of the assembly included:

  • A fashion show of traditional Kenyan dress of the different tribes from the regions of Kenya
  • The Reception children danced and performed a song
  • Years 1 and 2 sang a song in Kiswahili wishing us a safe journey back to the UK
  • A comedy sketch by two children of different tribes pretending to misunderstand each other! There was lots of giggling and we could understand why when it was translated for us!
  • A Year 8 girl presented a very moving poem about the importance of teachers and how they inspire the children to fulfill their dreams including being the president, a doctor, teacher or engineer
  • Mumbi, a member of the school parliament, gave a speech. It was extremely impressive and well written. She talked about the growth of the partnership over the past ten years and the importance of equity and team work and how the library project was the best example of this.
  • The Chairman of Governors gave a very moving speech and introduced all of the Governors to us.
  • Sadly Mrs Kimani was not present as she had to remain in Nakuru and deliver some training to teachers so Mrs Hooper was elected the Headteacher of both schools for the day!
  • We were presented with work from the children which will be shared upon our return next week at school.
  • The children were challenged with a recycling competition and some of their outcomes were amazing! They also will be shared upon our return. Their prizes were an Egerton pencil, ruler and yoyo! The children were delighted!
  • Football shirts were also given from Sandbach Utd Girls U18 football team and some Leicester City shirts from a friend of a parent

Mrs Hooper was invited to speak. This was a challenge! It was an opportunity to sincerely thank the school for their welcome and their enthusiasm! It has been a real honour to teach and discuss best practice with the teachers. The children have enthusiastically engaged with all of our teaching and particularly enjoyed reading the books given by our children. We presented precious gifts:

  • A very special copy of ‘The Just So Stories’ for the school library
  • A signed copy of ‘A Tail of Two Schools’ by Tim Claydon-Butler
  • A very special jigsaw designed by girls in Class 4 – this was completed and displayed in the library within an hour!
  • A framed crossword created by Pheobe Jones in Class 5 – Mrs Hooper walked around and showed this to all of the children and they were shouting out what they could read. It is now hanging in pride of place in the school library.
  • The books marks made by our children were presented – one for each child in the school!
  • Finally we presented the parachute! We demonstrated how to throw a ball into the air! The children loved this!

Mrs Davies finished a display on Children’s Rights for the resource room building on the lesson taught by Mrs Hooper. The raspberry Pi’s and Rachel server donated by Barclays are up and running. A volunteer with World Impossible came from Nairobi on Friday to train the lead teacher and pupils. This is the start the school need to increase their IT capacity.

Before leaving we visited the tree planted by Mrs Hooper on her first visit in June 2006 with Mrs Campbell-Hayes. It was less than a meter then and is now more than 8m tall! A symbol of how our partnership has grown!

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