Our First Day in School!

Today began with us being woken at 6am by excited children hurrying to school! We walked to school heavily laden with books from our families and teaching materials. We walked past the Tatton houses which are student accommodation and Tatton Farm, before reaching the gates of Egerton Primary School. We were greeted by Mrs Kimani, the Headteacher, and many of the school staff. Our day began with a tour of the school beginning in the Reception class. They sang ‘Mr Kamanga has a farm’ – their version of Old McDonald!

In the afternoon Mrs Hooper taught Year 5, repeating the lesson she taught with Class 4 in our school on the UN charter of Children’s Rights. The children were very enthusiastic and eager to share their views! They focused on the right to play, to an education and the right to express their views and thoughts. We shared some writing from our children in Class 4 and Class 6 including a letter written by a small group to our Chair of Governors, Dan Kenny, to explain how their needs are met in our school.

We then took the children into their new library to share some of the books given by our families. Favourites were Paddington Bear, Zog, Girrafes can’t dance and many, many more. They were amazed by the illustrations and characters! This was only half of what we were able to share! Lots more to come!

Wayne Platt (dad to Macy in Y2) and James Occleston went off to buy paint and resources and returned ready to prepare Year 2 classroom once the children had moved out all of their furniture! Lots of children visited them to offer their help! Tomorrow the painting begins!

Mrs Hooper found a tree she planted in June 2006 in honour of the discovery of the Egerton Schools in Knutsford and Njoro. It was then less than a metre tall, now it towers above the school! Mrs Kimani says it is in recognition of how the partnership has grown too.

Jayne Chapman from Tatton visited Tatton research farm today and met a lot of student and lecturers. She will be up early tomorrow as she is taking part in the milking at 6am!

Lots more teaching and painting planned tomorrow!

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  1. Glad to see your first day has gone well. I would be interested to learn how the children in Kenya feel their needs are met in their school – do they have similar ideas to the children in Knutsford or a very different viewpoint?

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