Our fifth day in Kenya

Today was inspirational and challenging too. The team were invited to visit 3 schools, all who have partnerships with Cheshire schools, to observe teaching, learn about the journey of the school and their challenges:

Njguini Primary School

This school has just started their link with Peover Primary School. This school was ‘born’ just 4 years ago. It is in a remote part of the Njoro countryside and has grown from 200 children to more than 400! The Headteacher is Daniel Kimani, many may remember him visiting our school in 2010 as he was the Deputy of Egerton. Daniel told us that when he became Head the children did not know how to play, sing or really feel good about themselves. In assembly they sang and performed a dance for us! Their happiness is the school’s priority and now it is one of the best performing schools in the area!

St Francis High School – Kings Grove High School, Crewe

Most secondary schools in Kenya are boarding schools and all are fee paying. There are so few and children can only access them if they pass their exams at the end of Primary school. There are also not many schools for girls. St Francis is a day school that admits boys and girls and is also in a very poor area of the countryside yet is the highest performing day school in Kenya! The children are so motivated and over 60% of the staff were students at the school.

Ndege Primary School – Little Bollington Primary School

This link has been active for 5 years and the children are so proud of their school. In 5 years they have doubled in size and have managed to replace wooden classrooms with brick built structures. The teacher in charge of the library explained that most of their books are sourced by applying to an international charity and range from Encyclopaedia Britannica to Oxford Reading Tree books.

In the afternoon we visited Lord Egerton’s Castle. Our partnership exhibition that we put together in 2010 is still admired by visitors from across the world. The visitor’s book is crammed full of wonderful comments from visitors from six continents of the world!

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