Monday in Njoro

Today was extremely busy! Mrs Hooper was training teachers with Mrs Kimani on behalf of the British council. Miss Shelmerdine and Mrs Davies as well as James Occleston, Jill Adams and Jayne Chapman were at Egerton. The rest of the books gifted by children at our school were presented to the children. They were delighted! 😃 The adults read stories to the children and there were lots of squeals of delight and laughter.

Year 3 Just So stories were shared – they loved them! Lots of ideas for new stories came out of this!

Miss Shelmerdine led a Philosophy for Children session based upon the story ‘Something Else‘. This was a very powerful session. The main question chosen by the selection given by the children was, ‘What qualities should someone have to be chosen to be a friend?’ The most popular of these were to be respectful, challenge you if you do wrong, trust and to keep secrets.

The reception children welcomed our visitors to join them in their outdoor play area after lunch! Lots of fun was had playing with spare tyres and tig games! They even had fun playing ‘Duck, Duck Goose’!

The raspberry Pi’s donated by Barclays are now up and ready to use. The greatest challenge is to make space for them in the library!

We walked part of the way home with the children learning all about their day! James was just like the Pied piper!

Tomorrow is our final day at school so the children will be presenting a very special farewell assembly!

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