And now for something completely different… Day 4 in Kenya!

Today has been completely different. We ventured out of the classroom and experienced a school visit to Lake Nakuru today. We were shown the teaching block which has an outdoor amphitheater for lessons! As part of the children’s learning they take part in a visit to this national park to learn about the lake and its wildlife. Lake Nakuru should really be just 1m deep. However, due to heavy rains and changes in weather patterns it is now 4m deep which sadly means that the algae needed by the flamingos has reduced in number so much so that the flamingos have moved north to Lake Baringo.

Today we saw lots of baboons with their babies having a ride on the underbelly of their mother or on their backs! The giraffe are very clever and are able to eat the leaves of the acacia tree avoiding their long thorns. We were very lucky to see two lions sleeping in a tree!

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