Day 2 in Kenya!

Today has been another very busy day! It began with Miss Shelmerdine and Mrs Davies going on a bear hunt with the Reception children! They squealed with delight as they went on their journey around the school compound – especially when the bear became a lion! We have a video to share on our return!

Next came a lesson with Year 1 learning about the very hungry caterpillar. They loved this story and created a symmetrical butterfly picture! They also treated us to the days of the week song.

The Gruffalo in Year 2 caused some hesitation as this is a made up creature that the children struggled to accept due to a lack of imaginative stories available to them. However, this will begin to change will all of the books that have been gifted by our children and families. The riddles from our Year 2 children really helped them to identify the different creatures!

Mrs Hooper spent time with Edith the school librarian. She beat 22 other candidates to secure her job. What is really special is that she was previously a pupil of Egerton! Considering the school was closed for the whole of September due to a teachers’ strike and the 6 week break at Christmas she has done an amazing job. All books have been catalogued, the children have been issued with a library card and a timetable has been set up for all classes to have a lesson in the library with their teacher. This involves 880 children! During lunchtimes and breaks there is another timetable to allow children to access the library voluntarily. A peer mentor scheme has set up for children who are struggling to start reading which has resulted in standards rising rapidly! A group of 6 parents have been trained to come in to hear children read too. Baseline assessments and case studies have shown a massive impact on developing an enthusiastic culture to reading! The children still remove their shoes to protect the books from dust and there is a hushed atmosphere of the love of reading and study in the library.

The painting crew have completed 2 coats of paint today. They were let by their tools as through the afternoon the speed of painting resulted in the breaking of one roller and the other is not looking good! Tomorrow is a new day with a new roller and more paint!

Jill from Roberts Bakery has been leading sessions on health and hygiene with year 7 and 8 students. This was really appreciated and supported the children well. The children were very engaged and the lesson generated much in-depth discussion.

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