A busy third day in Kenya

Today began with the painting crew heading off to school and Mrs Hooper, Miss Shelmerdine and Mrs Davies with the teachers from Little Bollington and St Mary’s in Middlewich joined teachers and Headteachers for a training session. This training was led by Mrs Hooper and Mrs Kimani. It focused on the strength of the partnerships and the sustainable development goals. Lots of good practice was shared and ideas for future teaching!

After our training, Miss Shelmerdine & Mrs Davies headed off back to school for a busy afternoon with the Year 5 Class making recycled wind chimes in preparation for the recycling competition. The children shrieked with delight when they saw all the recycled goodies – keys, beads, bottle tops, coloured wire and old CDs. The children worked collaboratively to create wonderful wind chimes that they later hung in their classroom and on the trees around the school. The children were also told about the recycling competition that links to our Year Six class. They have taken home paper to design their ideas and make them over the weekend! We are already anticipating what they will make!

The painting crew have completed the classroom! It looks fantastic! They left the children a little message on the blackboard – I am sure the children are going to love it!

Later on in the afternoon the whole Egerton Team got busy organising the library with Edith, the librarian, with the children’s help of course! They loved all the new colourful displays and they chose where to place them. They thoroughly enjoyed reading Year Six’s Book Reviews and carefully selected one to proudly place it on our shared display.

A great end to a very busy day! 😊

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