2016 Egerton Njoro Trip

Time is flying by and the children and teachers as well as families have been very busy in preparing for this very special visit. The Egerton Schools’ Foundation were able to secure a grant from The British Foreign Schools’ Society earlier this year to support Egerton in Kenya to develop their own library and to put in place training for teachers, a peer mentoring scheme and to support parents in hearing their children read. The grant has enabled the school to buy much needed text books for their very formal syllabus. This has had an immediate and profound impact on the school as Mrs Kimani’s budget from the Kenyan Government is just £10 per child per year. Given this our work is going to be firmly focused on the love of reading and supporting children in understanding their rights. The following is a snapshot of the work taking place:

  • Setting up a special book corner in the library stocked with the books donated from the Egerton families here.
  • Presenting every child with a handcrafted book mark from our children
  • Story Sacks based on the stories of ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘We’re all going on a Bear Hut’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ – Thanks to Lois’s mum, Sarah, for making the hand stitched story sacks!
  • Gift books from the school: ‘The Just So Stories’ and a specially signed copy of the story of our partnership – ‘A Tail of Two Schools’ signed by our very favourite author, Tim Claydon-Butler. This is in recognition of the ten years of our partnership.
  • Teaching firmly focused on a love of reading using the story sacks.
  • Teaching focused on United Nations Charter of Children’s rights – Mrs Hooper has already delivered this lesson with Class 4 in our school. Duplicate displays will be developed in both schools of what these rights look like for our children
  • Philosophy for Children lesson
  • Presenting Reception children with a recycled red Egerton sweatshirt.
  • Launching a Recycling Competition – hopefully we will be bring back some entries to share with our children
  • Presentation of a signed parachute
  • Setting up of computer workstations with Raspberry Pi’s and a Rachel Server courtesy of Barclays at Radbrook Hall
  • Mrs Hooper and Mrs Kimani will be completing the interim report for the library grant focusing on impact to date.
  • Training will be led by Mrs Hooper with the partner schools of those Cheshire East schools. This will include Njuguini Primary. This school’s Headteacher is Daniel Kimani – he was the Deputy Headteacher at Egerton. His school will be formally linked with Peover Superior Primary during this visit.
  • Jill Adams, Roberts Bakery Occupational Health Manager, will be leading sessions on health and hygiene.
  • Jayne Chapman, Tatton Farm Manager, will be forging links with Tatton Research Farm at Egerton University.
  • Prof Paul Hooper will be forging research links with the Department of Environmental Resources with the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at MMU.
  • Teachers from Little Bollington and St Mary’s School in Middlewich will be involved with their partner schools and attending the training too.

We are hoping to write a daily blog with accompanying photographs that will go on both our school website & the foundation website too. As Njoro is 7500ft above sea level it is prone to regular power cuts and Wi-Fi at the University is very unreliable but we will try!

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