Quotes from the prospective visitors to Njoro, 2016

I first met Florence the head teacher from Kenya 2 years ago, there was an exhibition of the children’s work which also included the work the foundation had already achieved. I was blown away by the children’s work, the neatness and their presentation was amazing. Not only that if we look at our own lives and all the trappings that go with it, they have nothing that compares in any way.

The foundation and its legacy will only get stronger, with the current pupils at Egerton Uk, including my own daughter benefitting from such a link that they would not normally have the chance to make.

My personal journey to Kenya is my chance to help in any way I can, from painting walls, digging holes, playing sports to making the tea I don’t really mind.

I am so excited about the up coming trip to Kenya. It will be a pleasure to help to develop the library and introduce the children to new books and stories. Our Kenyan partnership is so important as it helps to develop an understanding of different cultures, whilst working together to help the children be the best that they can be.

Leslie Davies (TA)

After 26 years working at Tatton all my dreams will come true when I eventually get to visit Lord Egerton’s legacy- his Egerton school and university in Njoro. It will help me understand more about the man who spent seven months of every year in Kenya, and the difference he made there. I’m so looking forward to meeting all the students to learn more about their world, how they live and more importantly how they farm. We are just in the process of telling the Field to Fork story at Tatton so my visit will be a unique opportunity to make some real connections with the students so we can compare farming globally.

Jayne Chapman (Tatton Farm Manager)