The work of our foundation is only possible due to fundraising, donations & corporate partner support.  We’ve already enjoyed considerable support but our ambitions are set high and there’s still a great deal we want to achieve.

Our priorities include:

  • Ensuring a global dimension across the curriculum in both schools
  • Supporting the delivery of high-quality training in both schools
  • Enhancing communication between both schools, through the provision of internet access and computer hardware
  • Providing improved infrastructure services such as improved power availability & sanitary provision within Egerton School, Njoro
  • Engaging with other professional organisations such as Schools, Universities, Sports Organisations and Education Development Centres to share best practice and to evaluate and improve current practice
  • Engaging with a variety of community groups to enhance their knowledge of the Foundation, its work, global education and to encourage their involvement to further enhance the learning experiences of the children
  • Maintaining the reciprocal visits of teachers, Governors, parents, members of the community and interested partners

Just £1 or £2 a month would make a massive difference and allow us to sustain the really important work of the foundation. Make a regular donation through the Charities Aid Foundation via direct debit

There are many ways you can support us, be it volunteering your time, holding a fundraiser or recommending us to your company for charitable support. Or, you can simply donate now by clicking this button!

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