Over the last 10 years of the partnership the staff and pupils of the schools have experienced a wealth of benefits from the partnership. Whilst these can often be difficult to articulate, the aspiration of the Foundation is to deliver the following benefits:

  • Children and staff with an enhanced understanding of the life in Kenya and the UK, appreciating the issues that face our two communities. By learning and working together the children of both schools have a unique perspective on the world. At such a young age they understand so much more about the shared history of the UK and Kenya and the differences and similarities between each country.
  • An enriched curriculum for both schools; supported by diverse and unique projects, information and real life examples to enhance learning. The partnership underpins the delivery of the global curriculum at both schools, enabling learning to be brought to life by real examples and shared learning.
  • Provision of improved infrastructure to support the learning opportunities in Egerton, Njoro. The achievement of the children at Egerton, Njoro, would be enhanced by better access to services such as electricity and sanitation as well as internet access. Electricity was installed in February 2014 with the support of Knutsford Rotary Club.
  • Igniting the aspirations of the children. Opening a window on the world to children at such a young age helps to inspire them in the future. Young people who have volunteered time to support the partnership over the last few years have found that this has influenced their decisions about University courses and subsequent career choices.
  • Maintaining the legacy of the Egerton Family of Tatton Park who founded both schools. The Foundation is a mechanism to maintain their commitment to education and the on-going development of the communities in the environs of both estates in perpetuity.