Egerton Primary School Knutsford was established by Lord Wilbraham Egerton of the Tatton Estate in 1893. His nephew Maurice Egerton, founded the link school in Kenya in 1939. Amazingly, the two schools did not know about each other until 2005 but since then both schools have worked tirelessly to forge strong links through project work and exchange visits.

As a result, the partnership that exists between Egerton Kenya and Egerton Knutsford is unique. Many schools across the world are twinned and whilst many of these partnerships are successful and flourish, none have the unique heritage of the Egerton Schools. This shared heritage, along with the strong relationship that exists between the head teachers and staff at both schools, has created a strong and vibrant partnership that is deeply embedded in all that is done at both schools.


Tail_Of_Two_Schools_slideDownload a copy of the story of our partnership:
Tail Of Two Schools’ from author, Tim Claydon-Butler.